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Dri Wash ‘n Guard was introduced as the first waterless car wash product on the market. For more than 20 years, the Dri Wash ‘n Guard® product line has shaped the waterless car care industry in the U.S. Our mission has continued to develop the industry into what it is today.

Vehicles tend to get dirty very easily due to snow stains and debris while commuting. Because of this, you may not always feel like getting wet and dirty to clean your car, truck, or motorcycle. You may not even have the time to do so. We have the solution for you! As one of the best waterless car wash products on the market, DRIWASH 'n GUARD waterless car wash makes the process easier and more effective. How does it really work? Simply just spray the product and massage it in with a microfiber towel, and wipe it off with a dry microfiber towel. As a result, you will have a clean and protective finish on your vehicle that will keep it looking fresh and new!

DRIWASH n GUARD waterless car wash kit cleans, polishes, and protects the finish on your vehicle. It keeps the dirt from sticking to the vehicle and makes washing and keeping your vehicle clean an easy job. Our waterless wash and wax products are some of the best waterless car wash supplies on the market.

Our Dri Wash 'n Guard® Products Include:

  • Waterless Car Wash
  • Leather & Vinyl Treatment
  • Tire & Trim Treatment
  • Quick Mist
  • Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Cleaners
  • Premium Metal Polish

We also have a full line of waterless products for the home. DWG Ultra ion green all purpose cleaner, upholstery, fabric, and carpet cleaner, and leather & vinyl cleaner, and metal polish. We would also like to feature DUST B GONE, one application of this product and dusting will be a breeze.

Call or send an email to order any of these DWG Waterless Car Wash products or to receive more information. We provide our specialty waterless car wash products to customers throughout the United States.

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For more complete information go to the DWG International website and click on products. Our distributor or pin number is 283296.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of millions of people across North America by creating a unique and exclusive product line that provides an immediate and long term income opportunity. As the pioneers in the waterless car wash industry, DWG International™ will continue to develop new and cutting edge technology just as we did over 20 years ago with the first waterless car wash product to enter the market. With a complete line of Dri Wash ‘n Guard® products, consumers and distributors can now make a difference in the world by lowering their consumption of water by using the most advanced product line in the industry. We will continue our efforts to save water and stay on the leading edge of technology with high quality products and more.

Our Products

This revolutionary product allows you to clean, seal, polish and protect their vehicle all in one easy step without using a drop of water. Our waterless carwash products are infused with ionic technology with our award-winning Polymer technology has created a product that far exceeds all other car care products on the market today. When applied to the technologically advanced paints being used by auto manufacturers today, nothing can outperform DWG ULTRA-ION™.
dwg ultra ion waterless car wash

DWG ULTRA-ION™ Waterless Car Wash 16oz with trigger sprayer

dwg waterless car wash for classic cars

DWG CLASSIC Waterless Car Wash 32oz with trigger sprayer

leather and vinyl treatment for car detailing


tire and trim cleaner waterless product


waterless car cleaning


upholstery and carpet cleaner for car detailing


waterless car products


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Did you know that washing your car in the driveway wastes anywhere up to 100 gallons of water? Save the environment and your wallet at the same time by making the switch to DWG waterless car wash. Our innovative products offer results that go above and beyond, and once you try it, you'll never go back to the old hose and sponge routine again. Give us a call to order the best waterless car wash on the market, bar none.

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